5 Nights At Shrek's Hotel

As some of you know, I have made a game called 1 night at Shrek's hotel (demo) in the past...but now I have finished the whole version of the game and uploaded it on itch.io!

This time you have 5 nights to survive! While in these 5 nights everything might look ok...but is not.


You have sold your house and you have moved to a new city to live in. You have a job but you don't have enough money to buy your new house yet. So you decided to go to Shrek's hotel for 5 nights so maybe you could afford the money you needed. The manager of the hotel is Shrek...but something is wrong with him...

By the way, I have actually added some secret ending to the game to make it more fun :)

here is the link to the game: https://renderpi.itch.io/5-nights-at-shreks-hotel


5 Nights At Shreks Hotel.zip 200 MB
Apr 11, 2022

Get 5 Nights At Grek's Hotel (Shrek is fired)

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Porque ya no es gratis? :( antes eran humildes y en vez de pedir dinero para descargarlo pedían donaciones amablemente, quiero jugarlo pero vale dinero ;(


scary i think? :((

Deleted 1 year ago

what is your platform? If you are on Windows pc the you should only download the file for windows, there is a separate zip file for Mac and Linux , after you download the correct file then you need to extract it in a folder and the execute, all files are uploaded as compressed zip file so that you can easily download, let me know if this was helpful 

i need to unblock something and i dont know how to unblock it

I am not sure what you mean, is this got to do with the game, can you please clarify what your talking about please?

When I try to buy the game goes to a 404 Not Found page

Sorry there was a issue which is fixed now. Please try again.

so I have downloaded the game to my files and i bought the game, But for some reason its not letting me play the game?

Can you explain more what is your problem?

I cant play game can u walk me through it please

so when you download the zip file. Open the zip file and open the file called 5 nights at Shreks hotel.exe


more update plz