One Night At Shrek's Hotel

Shrek is life Shrek is love.

warning! This game includes jumpscares, if you are a baby PLZ don't even download this game.

This game is about a guy who goes to a hotel to rest for a night...the manager of the hotel is Shrek and he is a serial murderer and you need to survive one night at his hotel!

This game is the second indie horror game I made. Please let me know what you think about the game in the description, and please report any bugs or lags. Thank you.

 I hope you all enjoy my game.


One Night At Shrek's Hotel.rar 50 MB
Mar 25, 2022

Get 5 Nights At Grek's Hotel (Shrek is fired)

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Bueno, ahora todo vale dinero, son uno traidores, yo los quería, este era un buen proyecto y lo arruinaron :(

todo tiene un precio. Este juego no fue creado por Big Bang y le tomó al creador mucho tiempo y energía para crearlo.