New builds

Hey, guys

Just wanted to let you know we have uploaded new builds for both Linux and macOS.

I love your feedbacks, Thank you for your support and patience, and please feel free to email me at if you have further thoughts or queries.

Many thnaks,


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May 21, 2022 206 MB
May 21, 2022

Get 5 Nights At Grek's Hotel (Shrek is fired)

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Nice. Excited for new updates. Maybe even Donkey, Fiona, Farquaad, or the dragon will get a role, lol.

Yeah, fantastic, that is a very cool idea. lets see what I can do

Thanks. I'm also about to release a Duolingo Horror Game called Duo's Game.


Looking forward to see it


I just released it:

i need help to get on the game i just got it :(

Hi Chris, what is exactly you need to know? What is your problem?

do i need to downlod something to play it?

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yes, there a three links , one for each platform, one for Windows, One for macOS and one for Linux, scroll down you should be able to find it easily on this page