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I bought a game. Why is there no game in my game library


I'm not sure, this must be a problem with itchio

yoyo i bought but cant download the full version?

Nice Spongebob horror!!

Loved it! Had a lot of fun with the story.

Hey renderpi, i left you my email with my proof that i buyed the game to get the original version, could you answer to it?


Hi, I am not sure what your email was but we answared to all of them, just now

You already responded me, thanks


why did you changed the characters to other ones? it was a spongebob game and now it is changed...

Hi Sgt Leonard

Besides our heated discussion before, I actually wanted to ask if this is a nice game to play? I saw it passing by before and I was thinking about it to play. It looks nice and creepy though. I saw a different SpongeBob game as well before but I can't find it anymore. Was that this one? Consider playing homecoming as well. Pretty creepy!

it is really good, you can play it, it is also really creepy!

Thanks! Going to put it on the list. Enjoy your day! Let me know if you found a good game to play.

They had to change the characters because of copyright.


ah ok ok

They did the same thing with Five Nights at Shrek's Hotel. Now it's Five Nights at Grek's Hotel

super interesting experience! Never going back to krusty krabs after hours AGAIN!

Silly horrifying experience. Loved it XD 

Thanks for the Original copy! Loved it! Anyone on channel knows that I Hate/Love Chase scenes and this one got me lol. Great Job!

я когда купил эту игру поиграл мне она пондравилась очень очень сильно спасиба разработчикам

Большое спасибо за покупку нашей игры.


ROGDAGOD plays "The True Ingredients". (watch before playing)

Deleted post


Can I have this game for Christmas, or if you want, I will subscribe to you ?

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why am I afraid to buy the game and for vat, I can find myself in debt ;/

Thanks for the game
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Hello, this game is masterpiece! But. What is this song on SpongeBob chase? (I'm not pc or laptop) Please respond!

Thank you! To be honest I don’t remember where I got the song from… probably just searched for a noncopyrighted action music…

Can do you find soundtrack in the game sounds?

curious question, why’d you purge the spongebob models? kind of kills the vibe, was under the impression it was a spongebob horror game. I saw poof play, and I recently saw mark play, but the game looks incredibly different now with the new models.

Is the spongebob version available anywhere? I notice it does appear as though you are charging for this game now, if I had to guess you removed them to not get sued, and so that you can make a quick buck. :v

Yeah, unfortunately we had to remove all copyrighted content due to copyright…

If you want the original version of the game please email us:

can i get the spongebob version?

yes, if you email us


Do you take spongebob's copyrights seriously?


As much as you take my background seriously

Just played this masterpiece! 

Loved it, here's my video if you wanna check it out!

You should probably add a flashing light warning.

Man, I remember seeing gameplay of this BEFORE the copyright content was removed. Honestly, it's so much weirder and funnier now with it removed 😂


so i watched the game, so far it has a lot of flaws, one squidward didn’t act like himself less crabby and willing to let the player adventure off and warned the player not to go to the end corridor that makes anyone suspicious kinda amateur killer move, squidward kept raising the krabby patty price higher and higher, that’s mr krabs move not squidward, later on in game plankton had seemed more laid back and less evil and mean, didn’t even start yelling or drooling over the fact that the player and him were near the formula, so some stuff need a lot of work though


All you mentioned is the beauty of creativity, thanks for the comment

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well not really beauty of creativity, still has potential but could use some adjustments, as a gamer i’ve played a enough games to know what’s good or bad, take outlast for an example that’s a true horror game, and your welcome for the comment, you need all the criticism  you can get

I mean that might be true but to be honest yea the game needs some work on still but overall its still pretty good

it could use a lot of work


wish i could play it




SpongeBob Ain’t Playing || The True Ingredients


They REALLY trying to put my meat on a KRABBY PATTY🤦‍♂️😂 (The True ingredients Full Gameplay)



F THOSE JUMPSCARES!!! but I had fun with the goofiness and horror aspect of this game! Goob Job on it also Wish I got through that door tho... maybe on day.


Are there more levels after you do the passcode while running from Spongebob the first time?

How do Gamers discover your Games?, other youtubers, etc.


So, can i get that Spongebob chase music from the game anywhere?


what happened to the actual characters?


we were asked to remove the copyright content 

Is the Rick Astley song still present? 


kind of


Hello i wanted to ask what engine is this game on, i want to make a similar game. Thanks!




the only thing am lucky for that i use linux i bought the game and it wasn't lag and i dont need files


love it lmao


hello i bought the game and download but but its just file there is no game i trywith window but it doesnt work can you help please

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files are in .zip format , you need to extract them first


One of the funniest games I've played in a while!! Keep it up!


This was great! Had so much fun with the game and being in the Krusty Krab the true ending was fantastic!!!!

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