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OK funny game

Hehehehe Krab

I've decided to go through this one more time! The update gave me so many belly laughs.
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I understand why you had to remove copyrighted content, but maybe update the linked video/trailer to reflect that - I almost bought this until I read the version changelog, and I'm not really interested in this without the SpongeBob characters.

Edit: your emails took care of all my concerns, thanks very much. 10/10 game, worth every cent.

You can always email us


dear / e developer / and make the game free please because it's very stupid to make a short game paid at least for 1 day please


I want to be honest with you, I agree with you that the game is not that long, but you know what?

I have to pay my rent and be able to handle my bills. Get enough courage to build fun games.

I have to document the game, create a story and gameplay, model the assets, paint, texture, rig and animate.

Also need to learn to code, debug and optimisation for best performance, add post-processing, pay for the used software and ... you get the picture.

Do you think this is easy? No, it is not; I worked for three months, day and night, to create a game that takes only 20 minutes to finish. Spent two more weeks getting rid of my mistakes (remove copyright material), and now you telling me to give it for free?

Something is telling me you don't live in this world


make it free

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had a loads of fun with this game great job man. 

pretty good game, very fun

Historia Explicada com os dois finais. Assistam pois ta muito bom.

probably my favorite spongebob horror game i've ever played! 😁

Had a fun time playing this game. Even though it was more of a funny game the jumpscares still got me lmao. Here's my funny moments while playing (Second game) PLEASE CHECK OUT

Here's my playthrough of this game. This game was super funny, literally a meme horror game, the graphics were great and the ending was hilarious couldn't have asked for a funnier short horror game lol

Amazing Short Game! The Ending was very clever and it nearly gave me a heart attack! Good Stuff

Hi! I just bought the game "true ingredients" but I must know if may I have the previously version?

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Is there any way to contact the Devs ? I'm trying to contact them on their Discord server. "LeOniDeS"


Yes, ofc, you could also email us at; we are more than happy to hear from you.

Deleted 364 days ago

Let's hope that yes


hahaha i have the old version


what is your discord?


whats your discord

Ayo bro ill message you on discord Aha #7141


Please email us.




old version was somehow better


how do i get to have the og characters i bought the game and it came with weird ones not from spongbob

I was gonna buy it but I put my credit card but it said that I have no funds but I do I don't understand like fix the issues.

I downloaded the MacOS verison but is won't let me open the game 

Can you please send a screen shot so we could see the error and try to fix it for you


Thanks, I am just cheking it, I'll be back to you soon

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I redownloaded it and simple followd the instructions on this video, the version of macos we using in 10.15.7:

It would be great if you could also let me know what macOS version you using


and make sure you redownload it again, maybe you are just using the old version, cuz we fixed it and upload it again

okay will do thanks

you also need to extract then zip file into a folder befor paying it


I had a blast playing this! Well done!!!


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Here is an Spanish Gameplay with the two endings! Thks


Nothing made me more happy than watching Mr. Chocolate shaking in fear.

love the game really good jump scares <3

Here the Italian Gameplay




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i hope you make this game be on steam soon

I'll have to wait months and months before I can pay sadly


Once again RenderPi made a banger game! This game was even goofier then 5 nights at shreks hotel. It was well done and really good looking honestly. Also, that secret ending is 10/10 

I am allergic to metal doors can't play this

wearing gloves while playing would help

This game was so good and hilariously terrifying! Keep up the good work! 

Game makes a lot of fun uwu.

A fun game to play just like your previous shrek game. Shrek is love haha Good job!

Thanks 👍

Hilarious game, the ending felt like it came out of nowhere but both of them were funny. Just seeing Patrick twist to the camera with that face made me laugh. Really wish I kept to the warning of not entering the back room, that was blinding.

this game is actually so good 

So impressed with this RenderPi! I got the secret ending too! I can't explain how much I love the blend of Horror and Comedy in this game! It is the perfect blend of pacing and memes and the jumpscares are WELL EARNED! TOTALLY WORTH the 3 dollars! If I were to ask for anything more of this game, it would be more Spongebob! His design is so terrifying and I think that it needs to be showcased more! 

Fun game!

Thank you for playing!

This game was awesome!


I totally enjoyed this lol. Great character models. Mr krabs was scary.

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Thank you for playing, I enjoyed watching your video.

No-commentary playthrough:

Fun game! Took me a few tries to figure out what the code was for the good ending, but I finally got it! Keep up the great work!

Thanks, we’ll do

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