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can i get 'the true ingredients' please 1 them please i always following you . :(


no shush

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thats it you overestimate your games 5 dollars it isn`t worth it ok i understand 1-2 dollars but 5????




ughhhh fine but if you are selling game please make there more content

Deleted 38 days ago

fun game go and check it out on my video! 


hi Renderpi. how to walk, otherwise I can't walk on wasd


use wasd on your keyboard 


please make a game that is free pleaseee!!!!!!! 




bro just 1 game




you'll make a fucking game that's free



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Why? I like the quality of your games but I can NEVER buy them,I am from Argentina and our currency loses value, a free game or a demo of your game would make me happy

bro just make a demo is it too hard

Bruh ->

Very fun game! The people in the gym were so unique and funny.


This game was absolutely hilarious!

10/10 I would be a Chad again xD

I STARTED CRYING.. (watch before playing)


Is there an option to tone down the flashy ear-destroying jumpscares? I'm a partnered Twitch streamer and would love to play this on stream, but I really don't want to destroy my viewers' eyes and ears if possible...!


No options menu? Or any menus at all?

Having trouble getting this game to launch on my primary monitor.


sorry for that, no we haven’t included a options menu.

But I think you should change your screen settings and make sure you have set it on primary.

I have 2 monitors as well and I don’t see any problems.


This game was really good I enjoyed it 10/10 look forward to future games🔥💯

giga game very good

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Nice games.

W game!

Muy, muy buen juego, fue tan buen juego que tuve que invitar a mi amigo fisico culturista a jugar

Once again RenderPi has blessed us with a fat juicy game! It was such an amazing experience, they have yet to disappoint me. I still feel like there is another ending that I am missing.. or maybe I am over thinking it. 10/10 would gym again 

Amazing game, I loved it 10/10

Please, bring it on Google play

True Alpha Chads Always Reject Drugs

game was just down right fire super goofy i enjoyed the experience 10/10

Funny cool  game GoodJob!

This was the funniest game with some good jumpscares! I love these games, GOOD JOB!

Very fun! Loved the different endings. 

video gaming.

historia bizarra e macabra. 

Very strange but at the same time very fun to play!, good job!!

I loved this game. A little bit of humor, little bit of horror. I kinda added a little more humor myself. Great Game!

Well worth it. Totally enjoyable. Funny as hell. Love your sense of humor.


Too many memes. kinda cringe 

where is my you win a free reply card?

Damn this game is the perfect mix of horror and hilarity.

Was an awesome time and looking forward to see more :D

It was an interesting game! I wish there was more horror but overall pretty good! Wild and whacky. Got me good with the jumpscares lol. Just a warning though for YouTubers. Ending song will be non monetizable. Copyrighted but can still be used.

Loved this game, man! Thanks for the funny scares! Got both endings 😊

Absolutly loved this game. It brought a lot of laughs. The Giga Chad energy is real lol. 

This game was a masterpiece. Short but decent jumpscares and plenty of humor.

actual banger of a game, got both endings :D 

Thank you for playing! It feels awesome when I watch someone playing my game 😂

Once again, I am so happy I purchased this game. The amount of comedy blended so well with horror is super impressive! Definitely a GIGA game! The only complaint that I have, is that maybe add some QTE's for the workout systems to give the player a little bit more to do rather than cutscenes (That's just my opinion). Other than that, this is once again a MASTERPIECE of an indie horror game!

Thank you for playing man! I always enjoy watching your videos!

And also thank you for your advice!

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I might play this

I'm gonna play this later today, looks funny as hell

still got the file?

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